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    reStructuredText for Visual Studio Code

    The ultimate toolbox for reStructured language users.


    A production of LeXtudio.

  • Simple but powerful

    A tool with unique features to take care of all the details.

    Feeling Familiar

    Experience with other languages like Markdown in Visual Studio Code can easily apply.


    This extension provides live preview, syntax highlighting, linting, and much more.

    Diagnostics Revamped

    Working on a Sphinx based project can sometimes be difficult, and previewing might not work due to errors.


    This extension provides self diagnostics, and presents a friendly error page with technical details to reveal the culprit.

    Options Modernized

    Configuration system has been redesigned in the recent releases to work better with multi-root workspace.


    When multiple Sphinx projects are hosted in the same workspace, it is easy to switch among them back and forth.

  • Supported Platforms

    Support on a few different operating systems.

    Visual Studio Code



    Python 2.x/3.x

  • Useful Resources

    Everything you need to make Jexus Manager best companion.

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    Source Code

    Every line is precious

    The source code of this extension is available at GitHub.

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    All secrets are shared

    The documentation site contains many tips and tricks.

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    An Evolving Project

    From a simple utility to a powerful toolbox.

  • Contact Us

    You can contact us by opening an issue on GitHub.